Sep 26, 2011


  This chess blog is dedicated to the chess grandmasters of present and past generations - their most lovely games will be treasured here

  A grandmaster is a not merely a chess title it is a showcase of great chess talent. It is the highest award a chess player can aspire for, of course aside from winning the world championship.  Federation Internationale des Eches (FIDE) began recognizing the title after World War II, by imposing rules on international titles. The FIDE General Assembly and the Qualification Committee makes the decision to whom to award the titles. In 1950, FIDE first awarded the Grandmaster title to 27 players, as listed below:
   1.   Mikhail Botvinnik, the current world champion at that time
   Those who had qualified for the inaugural 1948 Candidates Tournament:
  2.   Isaac Boleslavsky, Soviet–Jewish chess champion
  3.   Igor Bondarevsky, 
an International Arbiter, trainer, and chess author
  4.   David Bronstein, narrowly missed becoming World Chess Champion in 1951
  5.   Max Euwe, former World Champion   
  6.   Reuben Fine, leading US Champion
  7.   Salo Flohr, leading Czech and later Soviet chess grandmaster    
  8.   Paul Keres, Estonian Chess Champion   
  9.   Alexander Kotov, prominent Russian author 
10.   Andor Lilienthal, died at age of 99 years old in 2010 (last to die among the 27)
11.   Miguel Najdorf, a Polish born Argentian chess master 
12.   Samuel Reshevsky, American champion
13.   Vasily Smyslov, future world champion

14.   Gideon Ståhlberg, Swedish chess champion

15.   László Szabó, one of Hungary's leading player

Players past their prime but still alive in 1950 and recognised as having been world class when at their peak: 

16.    Ossip Bernstein
17.    Oldrich Duras
18.    Ernst Grünfeld
19.    Borislav Kostić
20.    Grigory Levenfish
21.    Géza Maróczy
22.    Jacques Mieses
23.    Viacheslav Ragozin
24.    Akiba Rubinstein
25.    Friedrich Sämisch
26.    Savielly Tartakower
27.    Milan Vidmar

At present there are more than 1,000 living grandmasters scattered all around the world. All of them will find their way on this site. 

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